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Yo. My name is Will. Straight edge. I love music. Indie rock/oldies/good punk/good hardcore/good hip-hop/great metal, the works. I watch and talk about pro wrestling too much. And movies (70s/independent/foreign/etc) too. Anything else, ask.

Eddie is Unforgotten Love.Created by reibeast

Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

Forever in our hearts…

TNA X-Division is love.

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CM Punk is Straight Edge love.

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70s movies, a tribe called quest, afi, aj styles, alex shelley, almost famous, american nightmare, aqua teen hunger force, belle & sebastian, black flag, books, bouncing souls, bright eyes, bruce lee, cactus jack, chris benoit, christopher daniels, cm punk, common, cycling, dean malenko, degrassi, desaparecidos, dr pepper, dropkick murphys, ecw, fight club, film, floorpunch, foreign films, garfield, generation next, good riddance, goodfellas, gorilla biscuits, graffiti, hardcore, hot wings, hunter s. thompson, ifc, in my eyes, incubus, interpol, iwa-ms, jack kerouac, jerking, jon spencer blues explosion, kayne west, kid dynamite, kill bill, knife fight, koro, kylie minogue, law & order, led zeppelin, less than jake, life's halt, martin scorsese, minor threat, modest mouse, neutral milk hotel, nine inch nails, nirvana, operation ivy, otis redding, paul london, pavement, pulp fiction, punk, puroresu, rage against the machine, rancid, refused, ric flair, ricky steamboat, ring of honor, robert de niro, rose mcgowan, shane douglas, shark attack, straight edge, striking distance, sublime, system of a down, taxi driver, the beatles, the chemical brothers, the clash, the deftones, the doors, the exorcist, the f.u.'s, the first step, the godfather, the misfits, the offspring, the ramones, the real world, the rolling stones, the shining, the suicide file, the who, think i care, tna, tool, vince mcmahon, wcw, wendys, wilco, woody allen, wrestling, writing, wu-tang clan, wwe, x division, x-files, ydi, youth of today